Problem Solving training for Police, Councils, Health and others in the Public Sector

Why would you book my course?

The content covers clear processes for people to follow, which are based on years of good practice. 

It also examine the problems that the delegates are working on. This is important as it enables people to apply the course content to their own problems and for me to ensure that they are doing it correctly.

I have over 20 years experience as a Problem Solving Advisor and won the Tilley Award for Mainstreaming Problem Solving in 2003. 

I have trained thousands of people around the UK and have a Certificate of Education. 

My commitment to your organisation.

Everyone attending gets free follow up support. This is important because welcome further assistance as they work on their own problems.

Everyone is provided with an electronic handbook. This supports the training and also provides additional useful information.

You would provide the training venue and any refreshments.  This reduces the costs for everyone involved.

The cost of any of my one day courses is an all inclusive rate of £975 a day for up to 20 people. 

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